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After enjoying three separate long-term sub gigs (each 1-4 months long) over two school years 2020-2022, I took a permanent position at the Brentwood School in Brentwood Los Angeles, teaching 7th and 8th grade Math, starting in the fall of 2022.  I'm still finding moments for acting on the side, but it is so nice to have a consistent gig and community to give my energy to, and get energy and love back from.  Because this new world is consuming my life, my tutoring is fully on pause until further notice.  But because I may have the bandwidth and interest in the future to take on students, I'm keeping this site alive, either to use in the future or even if only as an artifact of my past endeavors.  If you are seeking a tutor, still feel free to reach out, as I know many excellent math tutors, including a new slate of colleague friends!  Wishing any reader who's gotten this far the very best... :)

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Tommy Dickie







Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Physics, SAT/ACT Math


I live beside Hancock Park, but have students in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and Sherman Oaks.


SAT Math: 770                   SAT II Math IIC: 780

BC Calculus AP: 5             Physics C Mechanics AP: 5

BA: Dartmouth College    MFA: Brown University

I'm a private tutor who loves to help middle & high schoolers reach a more comfortable relationship with math (or physics).  I love getting to know how a mind works, and finding creative ways to get that mind to open up to math & all its beauty.  My decades-long experience working with kids and young counselors at a summer camp in Vermont helps me establish the kind of rapport with a student that helps us find the fun in math together.

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