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"Tommy brought engaging and encouraging energy to his classes, applying humor and enthusiasm to keep the students leaning in towards the work at hand.  His students felt supported with wherever they were in their personal journey through the world of math - Tommy found a successful balance between pushing them to grow and helping them maintain a positive morale through any challenges.  Through the enthusiastic spirit that Tommy provided and instilled in others, he managed to always channel the energy towards constructive education.  Students were eager to learn from this math enthusiast before them, eager to follow his lead through the intricate and dynamic world of mathematics."

-Mike Kalan, Brentwood Middle School Mathematics Teacher & Department Coordinator

"Tommy brought an enthusiastic spirit to our team, knowledge and experience as a math instructor, and an upbeat attitude to the challenges of teaching remotely.  He was thorough in keeping an eye on the progress and needs of students and communicative with parents, administration, and advisors as needed.  This extra attention provided our students with the support and guidance needed to thrive in the math program.  Tommy created a learning environment where students felt comfortable making mistakes, equipped to persevere through math challenges, and confident to seek help from him when in need of support.  It was an absolute pleasure having Tommy on our team."
-Nicole Ardnt, Director of Brentwood Middle School

"Tommy fosters a relationship with his students that allows for specific analysis and critique of individual progress.  His ability to organize, scrutinize, and utilize data is remarkable.  Through this analysis and data-driven instruction, Tommy is able to support his students' growth and individualizes their education.  Parents and families of his students have the utmost respect for Tommy and gratitude for his open and frequent communication.  His continued support of his teammates and relationships with students' families is not only representative of Tommy's nurturing personality, but it is also indicative of his commitment to education beyond the doors of his classroom."

-Kim Stefanes, Brentwood Middle School Mathematics Teacher

(Tommy subbed for Kim full-time fall of 2020, as she went on maternity leave)

“Tommy is brilliant, kind, fun, patient and a wonderful tutor!  He tutored our 15 year old daughter for over a year before she left for boarding school and he helped her immensely.  He was always on time, a great communicator, flexible with his schedule, completely trustworthy, and had a wonderful positive attitude.  Highly recommend him!”
-Lindsay W, parent of private tutoring student, Los Angeles

“Tommy has been working with my kids for 3+ years. He has helped them with middle school and high school math. He is a wonderful tutor - we have seen significant improvement with each of our kids. He is also extremely reliable and flexible with their changing schedules.”

-Julie S, parent of private tutoring student, Los Angeles

“Excellent tutor and excellent upbeat personality! Highly recommend Tommy!”

-Michelle W, parent of private tutoring student, Los Angeles


"Tommy is amazing. He engaged with our 12-year old in a very real and direct way, was always prepared and so thoughtful. He went through our child's summer review packet and first figured out and then focused on the areas where help was needed. He made the sessions engaging and always followed up after lessons with corrections and additional thoughts. We recommend him highly!"

-Stephen Y, parent of private tutoring student, Virginia (over Zoom)

“Tommy was the best tutor I have ever had. Not only did he make me feel comfortable asking questions and not knowing answers, he also made each session so much fun. He explains math in a way that is relatable. I have learning disabilities and Tommy actually cared about that and did research on how he could make math easiest for me. He became part of the family and we would always want him to stay for dinner after a session! There is no one like him, he is the best of the best!!!” 
-Francesca M, private tutoring student, Los Angeles

“Tommy is an excellent tutor.  He helped our child advance his fundamentals in Algebra and most of all build confidence to do his best.  I would highly recommend him if you are looking to get a step up.”

-Rick H, parent of private tutoring student, Los Angeles

"Tommy was an excellent algebra tutor for our son.  His upbeat energy and sharp ability to connect brought great motivation.  We found him to be very communicative and flexible.  I would strongly recommend Tommy."

-Karen H, parent of private tutoring student, Los Angeles

“Tommy Dickie has been my math tutor for quite some time now. He’s helped me navigate through many math concepts and knows how to do so in a way that keeps it interesting and engaging. His personality alone should be enough for you to hire him. He’s a positive and insightful man who’s become much more to me than just a math tutor. I, amongst many, dislike the subject of math. However, Tommy does a spectacular job of teaching multiple ways to achieve the right answer and being at peace with whatever way you choose. In other words, if you’re looking for someone to make math a little more creative and enjoyable Tommy is 1000% your man.”

-Jared F, private tutoring student, Los Angeles

“Tommy worked with both of my kids throughout High School. Both of them attended specialized schools; one for ADHD and Dyslexia and one for High Functioning Autism. They both had a very difficult time with required math and science courses needed for LAUSD graduation and for their SAT tests. Tommy was able to work with both of them; and in spite of their learning disabilities and oppositional  behaviors, he was able to persuade them to do the work, encouraged them to tackle their fears and taught them techniques to help them cope and focus when they became overwhelmed with difficult problems and get their math and science problems solved and even to score well enough on their SATs to get them into really GREAT colleges!  In fact, they got accepted into 25 colleges between them!

We even had Tommy Skype with them from college, the few times they were really stumped.

Tommy is a PLEASURE to have come into your home, and homework time became a lot more tranquil when Tommy came around! I HIGHLY recommend him, and so would my boys!” 

-Nicole H, parent of private tutoring student, Los Angeles

“Our son started in 2018 at a private school on the Westside and tested into Honors Algebra as a 7th grader in a class with mostly 8th graders.  After struggling through the first month, we opted to keep him in the class and hire a tutor rather than dropping him down to 7th grade math.  ENTER TOMMY!!  I can't overemphasize how amazing Tommy has been as a math tutor to our son.  We had Tommy almost every week for a year (sometimes twice a week).  Tommy was patient, careful, encouraging, supportive, kind...seriously...let me get a thesaurus.  He's more than just a tutor only during the timeframe of his sessions too.  Tommy emailed and worked together with our son's teacher in joint communications with us outside of tutoring sessions to ensure dialogue was clear and structured as best as could be for our son and his teacher.  As a 7th grader in a room full of 8th graders, our son would often be shy to ask questions in class, and Tommy was invaluable in filling in the blanks.  But at the same time, he also worked well with the teacher to bolster our son's confidence to ensure learning would be maintained at school as much as possible rather than waiting just for the tutor to figure it out...great example of helping us raise a good student, not just a child who understands math.  He kept our son confident and prepared...and even took extra time between sessions to conduct FaceTime supplemental appointments anytime our son was working on his own and had questions, or right before an exam.  A year later, our son is in Geometry in 8th grade in a room full of 9th graders and Tommy is still here to help us whenever needed.  He's personable, funny, very in tune with his students, put it simply...will help your child be a better version of themselves.  Highest recommendations, as we have raved about him for almost two years now.  Thanks Tommy!!”

-Eric K, parent of private tutoring student, Los Angeles

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