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$150/hr for at home sessions

$125/hr for remote online sessions

But I'm open to negotiating a personalized package / price structure - let me know your needs & restrictions, and I hope we can figure something out.


I have Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, and of course FaceTime - these are all options that I have tutoring experience with.  But I've found that Zoom is the best one for remote learning - the screenshare feature works great, and I send students a link for the class ahead of time, which makes them take the scheduling more seriously.


I generally log the hours in a spreadsheet, and send a monthly bill.  I find that this reduces the total checkbook hassle.  But I'm flexible to the payment-routine desires of parents.


Some students I meet at the exact same day & time every week.  Others are more free-form, where we check in each week about what's best given the schedule of sports, life & tests.  Others reach out just when they need extra help here & there, and we figure out a time.  Any family will sometimes have to move things a session from time to time, and I too occasionally have to reschedule (due to an audition or shoot - though this doesn't happen often).  Any scheduling format is fine by me as long as the family is communicative - I have a lot of experience with navigating the ever-elastic web of scheduling one way or another.


My policy is that I charge a 1 hour session fee (my minimum session length) for same-day cancellations.  But I am of course willing to waive this depending on the circumstances, especially with consistent families that are generally reliable.  I understand that scheduling can be a headache with many constantly changing variables, and like to be sympathetic to that when I can be.

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