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After growing up in a small town in Massachusetts, I ventured to Dartmouth College, where I planned to major in Physics or Engineering until I realized that my passion lay with acting.  Theater became my major, and off to NYC I went upon graduation.

In NY, I began my long career of supporting such acting dreams by tutoring math, physics, and SAT's.  I was a Senior Associate of a top tutoring company - CATES Tutoring - and their go-to math guy for four years.

I then got my MFA in Acting from Brown University / Trinity Rep, then set sail for LA in 2012, where I've been a private tutor ever since.

Tutoring & education have evolved into less of the life support for my acting pursuits, and more a tandem passion.  My acting career has found ways to flourish (see, but I have enjoyed more & more also having an outlet in which I help better the lives of children, help them improve their relationship to learning and identify their passions.

One of the ways in which I do this is to help run my childhood summer camp in Vermont, and direct the musical there (to your left is me in my director's chair!)  Through my 20 years of experience at Camp Lanakila (one of the top in the country), I've gleaned countless methods for communicating and connecting with a wide variety of personality & learning types.

In LA during the school year, I apply my passion for education through some after-school drama teaching (via UCLA & STAR Education), and, predominantly, through private math & physics tutoring.  I love math & physics tremendously, and look forward to helping your children develop a sturdy & stress-free relationship to the subjects.

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